What is The PJ Life?

We created this lifestyle blog for women who are just like us: time efficient, smart, love affordable yet chic things, and are driven to succeed in life. In other words, women who are lazy and like to get things done without complications. We want things to be simple because life, right?

How did we come up with the name The PJ Life?

On our off days, we love to be lazy and lie around the house in our pajamas or sweats.  It was symbolic for us because we want to create a space for easy, lazy living. We like things to be simple and affordable. Being healthy, being career driven, and wanting to look pretty shouldn’t be expensive or time consuming, so that’s where we came up with The PJ Life. The name was also perfect because PJ is also the first initials of our first name.

Who is P?

My name is Paigon Davis. I am the Owner x Designer x Blogger behind Natasha Lane Design Co. I’m also the Owner x Designer of Iseul Park (coming soon). I’m the girlier half of PJ. I hope to give advice on career, style, fitness, and anything that’ll help you succeed in life.

Working hard! The PJ Life launches today! #blogger #girlboss #ladypreneur

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Who is J?

 J is for my best friend, Jessica Valentin-Kwok. I’m the more tomboyish half of PJ, although I can be a bit tomboyish too. I’m a new mom to 2 boys, and I’ll be giving advice on parenthood, family, struggles with weight loss, recipes, and other tips on succeeding in life.

I wish I was lying in bed reading a good book, but I'm working… -P #bloglife #creativepreneur #girlboss

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Who is PJ together?

We have been friends since 4th grade. We are polar opposites, yet have the same values. Jessica is the extravert while I am an introvert. Jessica hates shopping while Paigon love it. Paigon especially loves trying to pick clothes for Jessica.

Even though we have our differences, we have always been together and helped each other try to succeed. We are both blunt and honest. If one person gets fat, we both diet and exercise together. It’s a friendship where we build each other up and help each other succeed.