GNO: Why you shouldn’t ditch your friends

Having friends is important, especially in adulthood. I honestly didn’t start thinking they were important until after college. Honestly, growing up, I was indifferent about people. This isn’t about my youth, so I won’t get into any details at this moment (maybe in the future). I will say that I would be lost without my friends.

Make friends, they’re important

Friends are important because they are the ones who will listen to you when you’re having a meltdown. I have probably had about 3 meltdowns in my life:

1. When I broke up with my first boyfriend.

2. About 2 years after I graduated college, and thought I was going nowhere with my life. I had life goals!

3. When I moved to San Diego with my husband and felt like nothing was going right with my life.


I would have never survived these moments without my friends. I am also grateful that I had them through puberty and through my years of adult independence in college.

The main point is friends get you through the hurdles of life and you should appreciate them more. You can ask them advice that you would never ask your parents. Also, for those of us with siblings, friends are like a sibling but without all the sibling harassment.

Girls get some girl friends! Why the ‘I’m a guy’s girl’ is not a good excuse

I use to HATE dealing with girls. They were annoying and backstabbing. I already had a sister so I didn’t need to hang out with other girls.

From elementary school through high school, I was always hanging with the boys. It was a given since I was so tomboyish. I grew being honest, simple, and blunt, so I naturally got along with guys better.

Also, when it came to fashion, makeup, hair, and liking guys, I was a late bloomer. I had this mentality until after college.

When I started working for a hotel, everything changed for me. I started interacting with different types of people (people older than me, younger than me, people who grew up in different countries), and most of my colleagues were women. There was so much drama, it was kind of ridiculous. I thought all drama was caused by women.

Quick note, a lot of drama in the workplace is caused by men. Even if it’s women fighting, it was probably something a man started. Someone should do a study on that. If you’re a scientist how about creating a thesis on the topic. I will love you forever.

Somehow I made friends with all these different women. I thought we wouldn’t get along, but we did because I was a guy’s girl. You think you have to play these mind games with woman, but because I was always honest and straight-forward I got along with them more.  

I have learned so much about life from these women that I never thought about before. Not only that, but as a woman they understood me more. Yes, having guy friends is cool, but will they ever understand all the problems we go through as women. If they did, then the world would already be equal. Just saying…

Don’t ditch your friends for your boyfriend

This is the thing I hate the most. J was guilty of this! Everytime she got a new boyfriend, I couldn’t reach her. Then something would happen with her boyfriend and then we’re together again.

I wasn’t mad at her because we actually traveled in different circles. All my classes were AP, so I only saw AP kids. J was in the regular classes until Junior year of High School when they started a program to help students reach their potential by making them take Honors and AP classes.

The point was, I wasn’t mad at her because I had like 4 or 5 different clicks to hang out with in school. I wasn’t living that High School Musical life. I actually hung out with people who were in band, people who were in choir, I was in Student Council, I knew people who played different sports, I was in theater arts, and so on. Even though I thought I hated people, I actually talked to different types of people especially if I found them interesting.

Back to the point, don’t be that girl or guy who ditches their friends because they got a boyfriend/girlfriend. When your relationship doesn’t work out, which it probably won’t because you’re in middle school or high school, who are you going to turn to? Your friend, that’s who, and they will remember how unreliable you are when you have a boyfriend.

You’re going to regret when you’re old

If you’re that girl who ditched her friends for her boyfriend or now husband, you will definitely regret it. Why, because friends give good advice when you have issues with your boyfriend or husband. Also, stuff happens when you’ve isolated yourself completely. That’s how Lifetime movies are made.

But really, friends are there to give advice from their experience. Do you know how happy I am when I get on Facebook and I see my friends giving advice on raising their children? I’m like ‘Yes, when this happens to me later in life I’m set’. And also, ‘I won’t be embarrassing my kids by posting all their business online’.

Do you know how many times I wanted to kill my husband, but I called a friend and she calmed me down.  I am not the only one complaining either, I hear their complaints too.  Sometimes it puts your life in perspective: ‘Ah, I’m not the only one suffering’ or ‘Hmph, I guess I’m lucky because at least my husband doesn’t do that’.

The most important thing about having a friend is that they get you away from life. I was not meant to stay at home all day with my family. Sometimes I need a breather. In those times, I love to go and hang out with my friends. In fact, I should schedule some time with a friend soon because I have been overworking myself.

Is there anyone who can relate about making time for friends? GNO (Girl’s Night Only)?!  Let me know in the comments below.

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