Looking Chic the Lazy Way: Tips for the Stylishly Challenged

This isn’t only for the stylishly challenged, this post is also for lazy people who don’t have time to go shopping like me. Below are my tips on looking awesome without having to think about it.

Buy a set

If you want to buy a whole outfit without thinking about mixing and matching anything, then you need to check out Yes Style. I found out about this site because of my sister. She loved that she didn’t have to think about choosing outfits because they are already pre-made.

I like Yes Style because the outfits are exactly my style and they are affordable. Yes Style use to have a  category called “Sets”, but they just updated their website. If you click the link I provided, then you’ll enter the sets tag. Remember to filter the categories you want or just look around.

Note: This is in Asia, so the sizes might be small. Pull out that measuring tape!

Another site I love is Fabletics (referral link). I like to look cute when I exercise, but I hate picking fitness clothes. If I picked my clothes, I would basically be dressed like my middle school days of shorts and oversized shirts.

Fabletics is awesome because you can buy a fitness outfit starting at $49+ tax (If you’re a VIP member, make sure you skip the month if you’re not buying anything or they will charge you $49). I’m not going to lie, I always lean toward outfits that are black and have lace or zippers on them. I like to look cool rather than girly.

If you’re going to sign up with Fabletics, make sure you do it when they are offering a buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 get 1 40% off. You can tell I love a bargain. Right now on Fabletics, it’s buy 2 leggings for $24.

Bundle it all together

Another site I like is JustFab. They are known for their shoes and purses, but I’m there for the outfits. If you sign up as a VIP, you get discounts and you get a personalized recommendation for outfits, shoes, and purses.

Note:  It’s $39.95 + tax a month, but if you’re not buying anything you can skip the month.

On JustFab, I like to click on the outfits. If I like the whole outfit, I add everything into the cart. That includes the top, bottom, shoes, bags, and other accessories. Of course you can pick and choose, but it’s super convenient.

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Mannequin challenge

If I’m set on time, I like to look at the mannequin’s in the store. It’s rare, but there have been a few times where I just bought the same clothes the mannequin was wearing. Fast, easy, and out of there.

Pick an icon, not just any icon

If you don’t know how to style your clothes, then look for a celebrity that has a style that you admire. Try to pick someone that closely resembles your body type.

I have a few style icons. You can check out our pinterest board here. I don’t follow the rules of body type because I essentially know what looks good on me or not (I’m a short girl), but I still like to experiment and break rules.

If I didn’t know what I was doing though, I would say that my icon would be Vanessa Hudgens (Seriously, she is one of my style icons). She’s short like me, her body shape is close to mine, and her style (Hair and clothing) inspires me. Because she’s short and has the same body shape, I know that I can get away with wearing what she’s wearing (in my own size of course).


When you’re in doubt, black is everything! I love black. J loves black. In fact, J use to ONLY wear black. She just recently started wearing colors.

Black makes me feel confident, skinny, edgy, and bold. When I’m wearing all black everything, I always have the song ‘Run This Town’ by Jay Z playing in my head. You can never go wrong with black, unless it’s summer and then you look hot, but I won’t judge you for it.

What is your lazy fashion advice? Let me know in the comments below.


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