The Struggles of Losing Weight: Inside look at my war with weight-loss

How I gained weight

When I moved to San Diego from Houston to live with my husband (he’s in the navy), I was excited. I thought I would have a whole new life.

When I arrived, I started exercising more, cooking vegan food, and learning Korean. Then after 6 months, and lots of interviews with no call backs, I was depressed.

I stopped cooking, stopped exercising, and stopped being vegan. Almost a year later, and I was volunteering and going to class. I started working out again and trying to eat healthier. I was winning.

Fast forward another 9 months, and I was taking more classes, and decided to start my own business. Then I moved back to Houston. My weight increased a lot higher. Higher than Freshman 30, the fattest I have ever been!

My failed strategies

I tried giving up foods and trying to exercise more. Unfortunately because I was starting my own business, I put that first. In the end, eating less and over-exercising was stressing me out.

I gained more weight and became more depressed. I also realized that work would always come first.

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My new strategies

I realized that if I worked out first before work, then I could actually succeed with working out.  It also helped me to make healthier choices in the morning.

Since I was working too much (24/7), I decided to implement off days and have a 8 to 5 schedule. I also tried to increase my sleep to at least 7 hours. My days became less stressful, so I stress ate less often.

For those of us who work at home, you know that you are not moving around at all. This is why I created an alarm at 11am and 2pm so that I would walk around the neighborhood, play Just Dance, or put on music and dance around.

For those with an office job, when I use to work in accounting, I use to walk around the building to move around. I made sure that I would ALWAYS take the stairs.

I also realized that I sometimes felt that I didn’t have enough time to workout so I would give up. I bought a program that is only 28 min and 40 sec long. I thought 28 min, I can definitely do that!

I haven’t finished the program yet, but I will keep you posted on my weightloss journey.

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