What’s Business Casual? How to style for those occasions

What is this Business Casual that you speak of?

Basically it’s like a mullet, which for the youngins I hope you have never seen before in real life. A mullet is a hairstyle where the front is short, but the back of your hair is long. They use to say ‘Business in the front, but party in the back’.

Well business casual is just dressing business-like, but more casual. If you want to cross-over into the jean realm, you’re kind of pushing it. Jeans are usually not allowed, but you can ask your boss if you’re not sure. I’ll include tips for how to dress up jeans below.Why I hate it?

I hate business casual, just like I hate mullets, because they are both confusing. Not only that, but no one really knows how to describe it. For me, business casual is still dressing up.

The other reason I hate it, is because a lot of people do it wrong because it’s so confusing. Pro tip: You’re best bet is to keep it more business than casual.

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Outfit ideas

Below are some ideas of what you should wear if you’re forced into dressing business casual.

Take off the blazer

The easiest way is to just take off the blazer. Now you’re just wearing your button down shirt or blouse with pants or a skirt. This is the easiest way, especially if you forgot about business casual.

Tip: Make sure your top is not tucked in all the way. Loosen up that tucked shirt, but don’t untuck it.

Throw on a sweater or cardigan

You can’t live without your blazer? Well, try a cardigan or sweater. Just wear it over a button-down shirt or blouse with trousers/skirt. The other option is to just replace the top with a sweater.

Shake it up with a different top

You don’t have to wear a button down shirt. You can wear any top that isn’t a graphic t-shirt. You know, none of those shirts with snarky comments or super heroes on them. Just pair your shirt with a blazer and trousers/skirt.


If you’re wearing jeans for business casual, then make sure they are dark: black, dark blue, maybe if you’re edgy burgundy or khaki. These colors look more professional.

Just make sure you wear a blazer or cardigan with your outfit to look more business-like. Depending on your job, you can also get away with wearing a button-down shirt (tucked loosely) with a belt.

I hope this post was helpful. What’s your stance on business casual? Let me know in the comments below.



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