Working out the lazy way: Cardio Solutions

I hate cardio. No, I hate running, jumping, burpees, or any HIIT exercise. So how do I get my cardio in? Here are my favorite ways to do cardio.


This is my #1 way to get cardio. I like to try to learn the choreography to kpop videos. Dorky right, but effective AND fun.

I bet I look really stupid, but it’s fun and it does not feel like exercise. If you want to try some tutorials then try these videos:

Black Pink’s Whistle Tutorial

Girl’s Generation I Got a Boy

Beyonce’s 7/11

CL’s The Baddest Female – Part 1

More Dancing

Are you cringing at the thought of choreographed dance moves? Then dance around your room to your favorite songs.

I use to do this all the time when I was younger. I still do it while I’m doing chores. I usually dance and sing for about 5 or 6 songs. It still counts as cardio, and it’s a stress reliever.

Hate Dancing, then try this

Let’s not lie, I would rather watch tv than exercise; therefore my only solution was to do both. If I am watching an engaging show, I will grab my 1-lb weights and start walking/jogging in place.

If the show is so awesome, I won’t even know that I am exercising! So if the show is an hour long, I walked 10,000 steps (I always have my fitbit on).

Get some fresh air

During my lunch break, I have been walking around my neighborhood. I am in the house all day, so I need some fresh air.

All I do is load my favorite songs on my phone and play them while I’m walking. Since my neighborhood is empty (everyone’s at work or school), I will sometimes burst out into song. I feel sorry for anyone who hears my voice…

My other option is going to the park. If I do that, I always bring my sister or my mom, so that they can also get their cardio on.

What are some non-running cardio that you do? Let me know in the comments below.

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