Working out the lazy way: Toning Solutions

If you’ve read Lose Weight: Free and easy workout solutions, then you know that I hate weights. I am NOT a fan at all, but I will do it because even as women we need to tone up and to work our muscles.

Below are my solutions for toning:

YouTube Videos

In Lose Weight: Free and easy workout solutions, I mentioned my favorite free workouts. I am going to mention the same people again. You can read the blog post to learn more about them.

Pop Pilates

Tone It Up

Johanna Soh

These are the people I follow when I want to tone up my body. They have a great series or workouts with or without workout equipment.

Rock out to bands

My favorite replacement for weights are resistance bands. I like to use them while I am watching tv. It’s the perfect way get a workout and catch up on my shows. If you don’t know what moves to do, check out this tone it up video here  and here  and here (3 different types of bands) or these pins from our pinterest board here.

Office Solutions

Sitting all day in my office is one of the reasons I gained weight. One thing I try to do is sit on a yoga ball instead of my office chair. I know that this isn’t possible for all offices, so try to sit on the edge of your office chair, with your feet on the floor, your abs engaged and your shoulders tall.

If you can’t sit with your abs engaged and without slouching, try putting your feet in a ‘V’ shape on the floor and put a 3 inch book between your legs. Squeeze that book for 25 minutes and this will work your thighs, abs, and back.

Another thing I like to do is a wall sit. Just get up and pretend like you’re sitting in a chair against the wall. You will feel like dying.

The final thing you can do at the office is walk around. When I use to work at a hotel in the accounting department, I would randomly walk around the building and walk up and down the stairs. If you’re not able to leave the office, then walk around outside during lunch break.

Watch TV and lose weight

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that I like to watch tv and use resistance bands. Well, I sometimes just randomly do crunches, sit ups, push-ups, and walk in place with 1-lb weights. This is the perfect way to exercise and watch my favorite shows.

Do you have any tips for toning up? Let me know in the comments below.

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